Welcome to Fraser River Vizslas!

We are located in the Fraser Valley on a beautiful acreage surrounded by the Cascade mountains. We are five minutes away from the Fraser River, which is where we got our name from. We love going for runs on the dike which is right next to the river with our dogs. There’s no shortage or birds, twigs, rabbits, etc to keep their attention. Because we are nestled in the Fraser Valley, we are minutes away from endless hiking trails, which we love exploring with our Vizslas.

Here at Fraser River Vizslas, it is our mission to raise happy, healthy, versatile Vizslas who make the greatest companions. Our puppies are well rounded, happy pups raised in a family environment with endless love. Because of this, they have no shortage of love and socialization.

The CKC Vizsla description:

The Vizsla is a short-haired, medium sized sporting dog. It conveys the impression of an alert, muscular, well-balanced animal with a distinctive and aristocratic appearance.

 The Vizsla is intelligent, calm, obedient, and easy to train. It is a sensitive dog which becomes attached to its owner and develops a strong but not overly aggressive protective instinct. In the field, the Vizsla is an eager,happy hunter which is at home on land and in the water.